Our services:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Tax consulting
  • Financial analysis
  • Training
  • Other services

We organized ACCOUNTINGusing prestigious ERP software solutions, but also modern Cloud Accounting of our partner company Data Lab. In addition to high-quality and reliable software solution offered by PANTHEON, there is an option of working together in online regime through the aforesaid Cloud accounting. This way, we are ready to efficiently and promptly keep track of all your business transactions and save your most important resources - time and money.
For this reason, we advise our clients with great care on how to select the most appropriate solution for managing their business, we provide guidance as well as training to all new users.

What makes our mission possible is the adaptability of the system to different business requirements, automated operations and round the clock technical support in solving any specific business transaction issue.

AUDITING SERVICES include internal and external audits, at client’s request or as required by law. The main service task is monitoring and assistance in the implementation of legal regulations and standards done by our certified auditors, in order to verify and confirm the accuracy of our cliants’ financial reports.

TAX CONSULTANCY refers to advisory service in the field of tax and accounting. The aim is to help you run your business in the best way possible, while simultaneously ensuring the correct implementation of the relevant laws and regulations.The goal that we achieve for you - lower business costs with the minimal risk.

We provide three types of FINANCIAL SERVICES:

  • Creating business plans and various analyzes upon your request
  • Drafting reports for your creditors (funds, banks and third parties) in order for you to obtain funds for investing in the expansion of your business
  • Mediation in the collection of your claims

EDUCATION Training of your employees and assistance in setting-up your internal accounting. We will listen to your plans and goals, consider all the options and come up with the best solution for your business operation - setting up a scheme of entries, transaction records, payrolls, calculations etc, all the way to preparing financial reports.


  • We establish your firms for you and register them with the Business Registers Agency and Tax Administration.
  • We perform registration and deregistration of your employees with the National Employment Service.
  • We prepare for you all the legal documents and regulation guidelines.
  • We act as your representative in all your commercial disputes.


  • Preparation of the business documentation to be entered in the records;
  • Synchronization of your accounting records with the records of your business partners;
  • Drafting of the business documents (letters, invoices, etc.);
  • Drafting of the various requests addressed to state institutions;
  • Drafting of the warnings for your customers’ outstanding payments;
  • Conducting e-payment transactions;
  • Registration and deregistration of employees with the National Employment Service.


  • Recording of all transactions in the general ledger;
  • Preparation of the accounting statements;
  • Entry of turnover in wholesale and retail stores, calculations;
  • Production account for manufacturing firms;
  • VAT calculation, preparation of tax returns and communication with electronic service of the Tax Administration.


  • Calculation of salaries and benefits based on employment contracts and copyright contracts, with applicable tax returns and notifying of the competent authorities;
  • Preparation of M4 forms for registration of the years of service;
  • Preparation of payment orders for the payment of wages and other personal income;
  • Contributions and taxes;
  • Keeping record of the use of annual leave;
  • Keeping record of business trip expanses, home and abroad;
  • obračun službenih puteva u zemlji i inostranstvu.


  • Keeping record of fixed assets with depreciation calculation;
  • Keeping domestic and foreign currency cash balances;
  • Conducting material accountancy;
  • Calculation of interest on all basis.


  • preparation of the balance sheet,
  • preparing of the business results reports,
  • preparation of the income statement,
  • preparation of rapports of changes in equity,
  • preparation of the cash flow rapports,
  • preparation of notes to financial rapports and other accounting statements.


  • the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia,
  • National Bank of Serbia,
  • Tax Administration,
  • Environmental Protection Agency,
  • and other state institutions.

Prices of our services are based on the scope of your business and processed documentation. They are agreed upon at the start of our cooperation, with clearly defined tasks that you entrust us with and they are changed only in the case of significant changes in your business operations and only with mutual consent.

Special offer for our client’s convenience:

  • Free service of firm establishment for new clients
  • Free consultations regarding your business
  • Free legal advice with regard to your firm’s any statutory changes
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You can send us your offer request at HERE and we will ask you to fill in the requested information so that we can send you the precise service price as soon as possible.

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