DENEX accounting & finance is a company – economic society, specialized in providing financial services. We are organized as a team of highly skilled, certified accountants, auditors, tax consultants and lawyers. Having associated knowledge and long experience, we made a professional team, wishing to respond to a wide range of requirements of our clients.

Our services are intended for all legal entities and individuals engaged in business activity. The scope of services is adapted to your needs. We take care in detail and in devotion of the implementation of the legislation that accompanies your business, of regular reporting of your management and the competent state institutions. We maintain with care relationship of a good host with a great devotion, work with you to take care of your business.

Successful long-term cooperation with state institutions and various business associations allows us to follow your business and provide adequate assistance in solving everyday business challenges. We preserve the reputation, nurture professional approach and care about you. In order to keep track of your business, we continually educate ourselves and grow together with you. With recommendations we expand the network of satisfied customers and keep the shown trust.

  • We give importance equally to both small and large customers.
  • We help you in making your business decisions.
  • We do not jeopardize the quality of services by amount of work.
  • We follow modern business, we invest in our work and our employees.
  • We have the necessary knowledge and skills.
  • Our greatest success is the recommendation of our satisfied customers.

Our work mission is reflected in:

  • Professional approach, expertise and trust.
  • High quality of services that contribute to your more successful and productive business.
  • A good work environment, excellent working conditions and continuous training of our employees .
  • Maintaining good reputation of the company that we represent and long-term success.

After many years of cooperation with Denex team, we can say that their main advantages are accuracy, reliability, trust, efficiency and timely information regarding the changes in positive legal regulations related to financial operations. The right information at the right time, which absolutely frees every entrepreneur and owner of the company and allows for smooth operation and functioning.

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Direktor, Ivan Nikolić

During the many years of cooperation, Denex team's operability and highly professional approach, has enabled us to focus on our core business and growth planning, knowing that our financial interests are always and completely in good hands.

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CEO, Miloš Pribić

Denex Company is our long-term support for bookkeeping and accounting. This team, led by Nataša Todorović, with its professionalism gives added assurance that it will perform every task in a quality manner, from planning, through all procedures and business risk management to the preparation of the financial statements.

The basis for this is its expert team as well as the enthusiasm and energy they possess and easily transfer to the client. They adapt to the client and are ready to answer our questions and requirements at any time, proving a high level of professionalism that does not diminish accessibility to the client, all for the purpose of providing high quality services.

Their work is always independent, always objective, which imposes additional engagements to establish a safe attitude that something has been done correctly. It's great to work with Denex team who is always ready to make additional efforts to make the service even before the planned deadlines.

Considering the extremely high-quality relationship Denex establishes and maintaines with its clients and business partners, as well as services on a highly professional level, I can be pleased to recommend it to all companies that need this type of service and I really need to emphasize them as AN EXAMPLE to other companies that are engaged in the same activity. With great respect and great satisfaction,

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Direktor, Ana Mladenović

We consider that the employees have play of the most important roles in the successful and longstanding business of a company. We believe in good relations, we respect the personal identity of each individual, we nurture the spirit of a community and we are always there for each other, both professionally and personally. We value responsibility, knowledge, experience and work dedication. In return, we invest in our employees and give our full support to the development of their personal careers.

We help our new colleagues – the interns, with training and in acquiring work experience. We value above their willingness to learn and their work focus. We believe everything else to be our task – this way, we create good employee base and successful teams.

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